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Garage Door Maintenance / Adjustment

Garage Door Maintenance / Adjustment

We have expert professionals for the maintenance of garage door parts

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Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service

We replace garage doors and all parts efficiently

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Our professionals are knowledgeable of all garage door openers, brands, models and UL 325 regulations and offer excellent and fast opener repair services

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You all need smart answers when it comes to frequently asked questions about garage doors. Ours will help you a lot! We answer all common questions in a way, which will be useful to everybody. We keep them short and try to explain garage door matters in the simplest way.

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How do I change my garage door’s wireless keypad battery?

Wireless keypads come in different styles, so there are different ways of changing their batteries. However, the general method is considered to be very easy to do. Some keypad styles have a screw holding the battery cover in place. Other styles make use of pinholes, and there are still others that use an oval cut out on the battery cover. All you will need is a screwdriver with the appropriate head.

Why are the lights on my garage door opener flashing even though my door won’t close?

Our garage door specialists in Mercer Island say that this is due to one of the two safety features included with your garage door opener. Your opener’s safety features include a lock button on the wall control, which will lock out your remote control and safety reversing sensors, which can cause your garage door to prevent itself from closing should these sensors be obstructed or misaligned.

When is garage door panel replacement necessary?

Panels which are heavily damaged have to be replaced. This applies to wood panels which have decayed half way through and for sheet metal panels which have corroded severely. Broken glass door panels require immediate replacement as they may place the property at higher risk of burglary.

Are all remotes compatible with all openers?

No, remote controls made by Genie are compatible with certain Genie openers. The same goes with Liftmaster. Though, our experts say that universal garage door clickers of all manufacturers are compatible with most brands and most openers and make ideal replacements when remotes are lost.

Why does my garage door hang up on one side?

The most common cause of this problem is a frayed lift cable. You should be able to see the problem with general visual inspection, according to the technicians of our garage door repair company in Mercer Island. If you have a door with extension springs, the problem can be caused by worn-out cable pulleys as well.

Should I install two torsion springs?

Although two torsion springs are usually recommended for wide and extremely heavy garage doors, it's a smart idea to get two of them installed in every door. The second one has a supportive role and offers assurance if the original torsion garage door spring breaks. In this case, you will still be able to move the overhead door thanks to the second torsion spring.

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